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Orange County Construction Accident Attorney

Construction site accidents claim thousands of lives and maim many individuals each year .The regulations and safety precautions may be in place but inadequacy of applying these rules leads to accidents, which have disastrous consequences. Construction companies are required to inspect each site with competent personnel and draw up guidelines of safety. These do not seem to be enough in the face of the number of accidents that lead to loss of life or limb.

An accident at the construction site can encompass the owners, the architects, insurance companies, and equipment manufactures in the purview of the ones to blame of inadequate safety provisions.

When a person suffers an injury at the construction site, the worker’s compensation does not include compensation for emotional distress. The employer cannot be sued for negligence involving these grounds.

Negligence can only be charged when the general contractor or the property owner or another sub contracting party may have committed acts to make the workplace fraught with danger. When a third party other than the employer is proved to be negligent than they can be sued for monetary enhancements, which are separate from the worker’s compensation package awarded to the injured party by the employer. Be smart and let experts at the Orange County Work Injury Firm help you figure out what you are due.

This is of great importance especially for accidents that result in very serious personal injuries, as the injured party does not get any compensation for the emotional trials brought on by the accident.

When a property owner makes the conditions of work at the construction site unsafe or makes promises to rectify the unsafe conditions that exist he may be held responsible for the harm borne by the worker. The same is applicable for the subcontractor is his actions lead to injuries at the site or directly abet them. An aggrieved worker can sue any party, which may be directly responsible for his injured condition. The responsible parties the contractors, both the general and the sub contractors are required to create a safe setting for the worker. They are required by law to provide a safe workplace as well as ensure that they have warned all employees about health hazards inherent in the work. They are required to go a step ahead and confirm they recruit only those employees who have proven safety record and have caution as their watchword. Coordinating job safety and maintaining the standards of safety specification is an essential part of the duty of the contractors. They play a major role in ascertaining that the workplace is secure and is accident preventative.

Equipment provided to the worker should comply with safety regulations, as the employer is the first in the line of fire if a mishap occurs.

Construction sites are also included among all workplaces, which are serviced by the Cal-OSHA regulations. These regulations pertain and many apply to work place safety. These laws are not employer specific. If anyone be it the employer, contractor or the property owner other than for the direct employer violates the rules of safety than the aggrieved party can claim money from the contractor or the property owner too.

Construction Site Injury

Injury at the construction site can be the direct result of a defective piece of equipment. The defective piece of equipment can be the crux in deciding whether the injured party can seek a claim from the manufacturer or the distributor of the product. The people responsible or the management of safe working equipment are the manufacturers. They are the ones responsible for the design as well as maintaining a safe track record. Some of the faulty equipment include scaffolding, cranes power tools, derricks, hoists, conveyors, woodworking tools, ladders, winches, trucks, graters, scrapers, tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, heavy equipment, boilers, pressure vehicles, gas detectors, among other types of construction equipment.

The intricacies of the blame game play out in front of the injured person confusing him more on the onset as how to claim his due. A attorney facilitates the aggrieved party’s journey from confusion to claiming his due for the accidents that befell him. The Orange County Work Injury Firm seeks compensation for the victims of the accident by helping the victims in filing for their claims and providing them a helping hand in their hour of need.

The complexities of law are unraveled and the victims provided with the best of advice as to how to get the maximum amount for their compensation.

When loss of life or limb occurs often the distraught person throws in the towel and treats the accident as the misfortune at the hands of fate. Don't let something like this go uncompensated, because it may happen again to someone else. The attorneys at Orange County Law Firm ensure distribution of the justice and bring the negligent party to book so that the safety record is upheld in the interest of all.


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