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Types of Work Accidents

The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm represents injury and accident victims in Workers Compensation cases, Industrial Accidents, and other cases involving personal injury. Our main office is in Orange County, however we have represented clients throughout the State of California.

When you have been injured, you can't count your employer, work comp insurance company or HR departments generosity or good nature to take care of your problems. Our office handles both accepted and denied workers compensation claims, including complex and difficult cases.


Types of Injury Claims

Even typically safe workplaces are subject to circumstantial hazards that can cause significant injuries. Consequently, many law firms specialize in handling workplace injury compensation claims, usually on a no-win, no-fee basis. Successfully prosecuted claims help the claimant receive compensation for expenses relating to his/her injury, including time-lost, health care, or purchases of specialized equipment for dealing with an ongoing disability.

There are workplace injury claims for every type of vocation, but the majority of such claims come from specifically hazardous jobs. Such claims involve:

- Work related driving injuries
- Factory Injuries, including those resulting from operating heavy machinery or equipment
- Office injuries
- Retail injuries
- Warehouse injuries

DRIVING INJURIES, compensation claims could be composed to cover incidents like the following:

- Fork lift accidents
- Pallet Truck mishaps
- Accidents resulting from malfunction vehicles, caused by neglectful maintenance
- Injuries from professional drivers who have been compelled to work an excessively rigorous schedule

Like driving injuries, factory injuries can also be extremely detrimental. Depending on the factory, there is often dangerous and unpredictable machinery involved in production.


WAREHOUSE AND FACTORY INJURIES, some of which are similar or identical to driving injuries, most compensation claims include:

- Repetitive strains
- Carrying, lifting, and handling injuries
- Fork lift accidents
- Pallet Truck accidents
- Injuries from heavy or malfunctioning machinery
- Injuries sustained from falling from a perilous height, within the factory

The construction industry currently boasts the unenviable record of having more workplace fatalities, resulting from serious injuries, than any other work sector. This is primarily due to injuries involving Heavy Machinery and Equipment. HEAVY MACHINERY and EQUIPMENT INJURIES, claims are made to compensate for:

- Limb loss resulting from heavy machinery accidents
- Injuries from defective machinery
- Perilous falls and drips caused by improperly managed or dangerous equipment
- Tissue trauma, from burns and cuts sustained from equipment or machinery

Office injuries are typically less dangerous than construction related injuries, but some are still extremely serious and possibly fatal. OFFICE BASED injuries that merit compensation claims can be classified into the following categories:

- Falls, trips, or slips resulting in injury
- General tissue drama, such as burns and cuts
- Defective seating, resulting in injury
- Repetitive strains
- Injuries from neglected or malfunctioning electrical equipment
- Lifting injuries, involving heavy or unsafe equipment

RETAIL INJURIES primarily involve fall and lifting related accidents. Of injuries sustained in shops, the compensation claims typically address the following:

- Damage sustained from slipping on spilled liquids
- Trips and falls on inappropriately placed stock merchandise
- Merchandise falling from shelves
- Repetitive strain injuries

The nature of WAREHOUSE INJURIES depends on the circumstances within the warehouse in which they are incurred. Such injuries range from mild to severe to outright fatal. The main categories of injury for which employees have claimed compensation are as follows:

- Fork Lift operating incidents
- Pallet Truck incidents
- Slips and trips resulting in severe bodily harm
- Merchandise falling from shelving
- The employee falling from a perilous height
- Lifting, handling, and carrying injuries

The right hand side of this site contains details of successful workplace injury compensation court cases, including the injuries involved as well as the payments received by all complainants in each compensation claim.

If you believe that meet the criteria for any of the above injuries in whatever category, and wish to consult with a solicitor about progressing a workplace injury compensation claim, many will act on your behalf on a "no-win, no-fee" basis. The owners of workplaces should be held accountable for accidents incurred by their employees. Solicitors are here to make sure that they are.

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