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Types of Work Injuries

Workers Rights Regarding Employment Injuries

Injured employees need to do two things if they suffer an on-the-job-injury. First, seek appropriate medical assistance. If your injury has the potential for long periods of time off, or causing on-going medical expenses the second thing you need to do is consult an experienced California worker’s compensation attorney. Call 1-800-474-1395 for a free legal consultation.

On-The-Job Head Injuries

Common causes of head injuries on the job are many. They include: slip and fall injuries, injuries from objects falling from above and machine-related head injuries. A head injury can be serious. Effects of this type of injury can be serious and may include paralysis, mood changes, aphasia (difficulty with speech) emotional and mood problems or even death. As well as suffering the injury itself an employee with a head injury may have high medical bills and lost wages - a very bad combination of financial

A head injury’s impact can vary from a mild concussion keeping an employee out of work for a short time, to traumatic brain injury (TBI) that is so debilitating the employee will never return to work. Head injury victims are eligible for:

- Temporary disability benefits
- Permanent partial disability benefits
- Permanent total disability benefits

The amount and duration of worker’s compensation is dependent on the injury’s severity. It may take months for the full effects of a on-the-job head injury to appear.

Common head injuries consist of:

Frontal lobe injuries: An injury to the frontal lobe diminishes the patient’s capacity to maintain their emotions causing them to have emotional swings or easily cry with abnormal frequency.

Inner Ear Injuries: Wounds to the inner ear often results in chronic and unrelenting dizziness. The victim may lose control of their balance.

Blood Clots: As a result of a head strike or fall the victim may develop a blood clot. This may result in coma or death.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Also known as a TBI this injury often results in mood and emotional disorders. Reasoning and the ability to do tasks such as reading or using a computer diminish.

Closed Head Injuries: A severe head injury can be caused by a blow to the head. Sometimes diagnosis is complex as the skull remains intact.

Open Head Injuries: An open head injury is the result of a strike or blow to the head that pierces the skull and endangers the brain.

A head injury can have very serious physical and financial complications. Make sure that you receive all the benefits you should under California worker’s compensation Call 1-800-474-1395 for a free legal consultation from an experienced California worker’s compensation attorney.

On-The-Job Neck Injury

Serious neck injuries can result in difficult head movements or numbness in your fingers, hand and arm(s). Victims of this type of injury should immediately get medical attention. Often, people who suffer a neck injury on-the-job do not file a worker’s compensation claim unless there is paralysis or other serious effects. This is a mistake. File a worker’s compensation claim for any neck injury. Neck injuries that present as minor can result often become a serious problem leading to severe pain and restriction of movement. In turn this may limit the amount of time you can work, or the type of work you do. The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm has over 25 years of experience representing California workers navigate the worker’s compensation maze.


Call us at 1-800-474-1395 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney to determine your neck injury’s impairment rating.

On-The-Job Back Injury

A back injury that occurs at work can can often result in more than just back pain. Other symptoms related to a back injury include:

- Grave leg pain
- Loss of feeling in the feet
- Loss of mobility
- Excruciating back pain

First you must seek immediate medical attention. As worker’s compensation insurance companies may claim that leg pain or a sore neck are not back related or permanent disability it is important that you make your doctor aware of any symptoms you have in order for the doctor to chart and diagnose all back injury related symptoms. You are best off doing this at your visit or as soon as symptoms appear. At the end of your treatment the doctor will rate you and determine your maximum medical improvement (MMI) using the impairment rating guidelines to determine the percentage of your permanent

Back injuries related to work can prevent a worker from going back to the same job - or even any job. Have your doctor document any work restrictions related to your back injury.

Causes of back injuries at work vary, but include: slipping, heavy lifting, falling objects and more. Insurance companies are suspicious of back pain injuries. It is imperative that you seek the advice of a qualified worker’s compensation attorney so that you receive the full value of your claim. We specialize in worker’s compensation law on behalf of workers. Call us toll-free at 1-800-474-1395 for a no obligation evaluation of your entire case.

On-The-Job Heart Attack

Yes, a heart attack can be work related. “Unusual exertion” is the term used in California’s workers compensation lexicon, practices and procedures. It means that an employee has done heavier than usual work. If this is the case, the employee should receive appropriate worker’s compensation benefits. For example:

A cashier is alone at work in a convenience store. There is a delivery of many cases of beverages. Since the cashier is alone he has to put the beverage cases in the refrigerator and the stock room. It is a full pallet and the cases are heavy. After he puts the beverages away he has a heart attack due to the unusual exertion. For this work-related heart attack he should get to workers compensation benefits.

A hardware store cashier is working when a delivery of bags of cement comes. As he is alone he puts the cement bags away - something usually done by a stock person. He has a heart attack that leaves him with permanent heart damage. This too is a worker’s compensation case.

The litmus test for “unusual exertion” claims is doing hard physical work that is not part of the worker’s normal duties.

As these injuries are not as obvious as getting a hand caught in a machine it is a claim that insurance companies look askance at. Protect your rights. Call for a free worker’s compensation claim evaluation by experienced lawyers at The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm. The number is toll-free: 1-800-474-1395.

On-The-Job Knee Injury/Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is cartilage in the knee. Since it has no nerve endings small tears may go unnoticed until they get larger. At some point the area around the tear(s) inflamed, swollen and painful. Initial treatment is usually ice, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy and rest. Grievous tears generally require surgery.

Although many knee injuries take time to develop to the point where a worker seeks medical attention, others are sudden. Sudden knee injuries can be caused by tripping in a hole at a work site, twisting suddenly to catch a falling item or lifting and twisting at the same time. While sudden knee injuries are easy to prove if they are work-related, it is more difficult to prove a tear is work related. However, the experience attorneys at the Orange County Work Injury Law Firm have helped hundreds of workers get the worker’s compensation they should - medical care and reimbursement for lost wages. Call for a free consultation at 1-800-474-1395. Our firm is familiar with work-related knee injuries and knows physicians who can discuss the injury with insurance carriers or an administrative judge to help you get the benefits you deserve.

On-The-Job Lifting/Pushing/Pulling Injuries

Twisting, turning,pushing and pulling can all lead to a work related injury. Often, injuries from these activities are not evident until after work. Back injuries, knee injuries, unusual heavy lifting can often be traced to work activities. An employer and/or the worker’s compensation carrier may question the validity of such a worker’s compensation claim since it not obviously work related.

To fight for your worker’s compensation entitlements call the Orange County Work Injury Law Firm. Your employer and the insurance company have lawyers working for them - often to fight claims like yours. Often workers need an attorney too, especially for those injuries that are not immediately discernible. Call an attorney now at 1-800-474-1395.

On-The-Job Related Amputation

Under California Worker’s Compensation statutes the loss of a limb is to be either a whole disability or an extremity disability. Should a limb be attached but unusable the determination for disability is “whole person disability, but if the limb is severed from the body it is an “extremity disability." Loss of limbs have serious life-long consequences and if you are a victim of an on-the-job injury resulting in the loss of a limb call 1-800-474-1395 for a free consultation about your. Call now for a free case evaluation: 1-800-474-1395. The experienced firm will help you to get the benefits you must have and deserve - medical assistance and lost wages in addition to the right disability rating for future payments due to amputation or loss of use of an extremity. The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm takes the time to investigate the reason for the amputation causing accidents as well as its medical consequences. Cases such as a worker whose arm was slammed by dump truck lid and lost use of his arm, another worker’s arm was caught in a conveyor belt and the limb was lost and a worker who fell from a lawn mower that ran him over resulting in a lost limb - all happened on the job and the employee got to receive worker’s compensation benefits.

On-The-Job Related Occupational Disease

Occupational illnesses take time to develop. They have coverage by California’s worker’s compensation. But, since the illness developed over time employers and insurance companies often challenge the validity of the claim. For example, a young man starts his career as a stock trader. He uses his computer almost all day, every day. After ten years he develops carpal tunnel syndrome and cannot use his right hand.The syndrome developed after years of repetitive movement of the computer’s mouse. He files a workman’s compensation claim that employer's insurance company fought. He fought the challenge without legal assistance and lost the case. The employer and its insurance carrier had lawyers to work on the case. He should have too. The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm has helped many employees by investigating the cause of an occupational disease and getting workers the correct benefits - medical treatment and lost wages, from worker’s comp. For a free consultation about your worker’s compensation claim, call an attorney now at Orange County Work Injury Law Firm: 1-800-474-1395. There is no obligation.

On-The-Job Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos was a common product used in many industries over the years. Some of these industries were construction, automobile manufacturing and general manufacturing. Exposure to asbestos can lead to a ravaging cancer called mesothelioma as well as other cancers. Mesothelioma is a cancer that attacks the chest, stomach and heart. Symptoms take as long as 3 to 4 decades to emerge. By then it is often to late to survive more than 18 months after diagnosis. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma or other work related cancer due to asbestos exposure, or a loved one has died from this disease, contact, at no obligation The Orange County Work Injury Law Firm for a free experienced attorney consultation at 1-800-474-1395. Benefits are available for this occupational illness under California Worker’s Compensation Law. In addition, there are other funds from asbestos manufacturer’s that you are entitled to.

In California, you cannot hold an employer liable for work-related injury or illness. Even so, you are entitled to worker's compensation benefits for on-the-job related injury or illness. By nature, insurance companies make it difficult to get the benefits you are entitled to. The Orange County Injury Law Firm dedicate themselves to making sure worker's rights have protection. Call an attorney for a free consultation at 1-800-474-1395.


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